Donate to the Movember Foundation for Men’s Health

Donate to the Movember Foundation for Men’s Health


This November, I want to change the face of men’s health. I’m inviting you to join me and grow out your Mustache, Neck Beard or just straight donate to help raise awareness about Men’s Health Issues.

No one person can accomplish much on their own, so I’m working with my barber, Nic Alexander, of the Chop Shop to organize a fundraiser to build awareness about two important causes.

Nic and I are working with the Movember Foundation to help address “some of the biggest health issues faced by men: mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.”

Nic’s focus is to raise awareness of the Suicide rate around the world in men who are ‘toughing it out’ by keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling in silence. My focus is about Prostate Cancer which is the second most common cancer in men worldwide.

Together our team name is the Metro-West Mythical Mustaches, use the link to donate to either cause or both. Every little bit helps, and no donation is too small. Invite friends and family to support your efforts with a tax-deductible donation while you give your razor a rest.

This is only the beginning of the conversation, so keep talking; share, get more people involved, brag about your patchy facial hair and let’s work to raise awareness to these pressing issues.

Read more about the Movember Foundation and get started growing out your facial hair.

If you start to hate it, Nic can give you a trim at the Chop Shop, just off Route 495 in Milford, MA. If Nic is booked, other barbers are available to fix it up.

On top of that, my house is only ten minutes down the road, and as a special incentive, the top 3 donors will be invited to a traditional Italian meal, home-made by my beautiful mother.

Grow, Donate, Share, Talk, Donate some more, and keep men from dying too young. Together we can work to help some serious issues that men face.

My fundraising link

Nic’s fundraising link

Team fundraising link


Patriots Squander Chance to Squish the Phish

So the Patriots lost the ability to control the right to host the playoffs and make their own destiny, in a way. In contrast, they were able to keep everyone as healthy as possible despite Suh’s late hit on Brady.

Those were the two opposing ideas coming into today’s game. There was no clear better answer to that question, however. If you play for the number one seed, you risk keeping your starters in too long, and with the amount of injuries that happen, it’s only odds that someone could get hurt.

From the get co, it look as though the Patriots were content with sitting on the ball all day long, and had running backs account for 156 of the Patriots’ 158 total yards per Ben Volin.  Frustrating from a fan’s perspective just because of the opponent was both a five win team and divisional rival, making the game one you want to win.

It was easy to choose the home field advantage because that would satisfy the rivalry win and the ability to stay at home and continue practicing in your own elements. However, after seeing Suh lose his balance and fall on Brady’s ankle, it was very easy to thrust Garappolo under center to coast them out of the game.

Obviously, in the end, Brady stuck it out until the last drive and got absolutely nothing done, despite putting a couple big plays together which seemed to foreshadow a comeback of sorts. There were a lot of things that could have been done differently in this game that could have put the Patriots in a better position going into the playoffs.

However, we can’t do anything about that now. In the end, the Patriots have already locked up the bye and will take the extra week to get everyone healthy again and regroup and come back to their true way of football.

The Patriots have been riddled with injuries but with an extra week, it seems as though they will be able to put things together. Edelman, Hightower, Jones, and Vollmer should be all ready to go for the second round of the playoffs for the Patriots.

With the extra week, they will all get those extra reps and with Edelman practicing for the last few weeks, he should be 100% ready to go to elevate this offense that needs that boost.

Now, at the end of the day, they need a win from the Chargers (who are down 7-3 in the second quarter currently) over the Broncos in order to maintain their home field advantage, debrief from this ugly game, rehab and blaze their trail to the Super Bowl with double birds flying.

Mascots, Who Really Needs Them?

“Curry College Colonels, it’s got a nice ring to it,” said the group who made the mascot here at Curry, probably.

However, as the years have gone on, the Colonels have been trumped by more ferocious mascots like birds of prey or vicious animals…basically anything else is more intimidating than an Army Colonel.

I mean that’s kind of the point of mascots and logos, it’s to instill some sort of fear in your opponent. At the same time it makes sense to have it represent something from the region or the school.

“Dude we’re playing the Blue Devils tomorrow,” compared to, “Man we got the Ducks on Friday I’m scared.”

Obviously it depends on the skill level of the team, like the Oregon Ducks are obviously an exception because they’re successful, just not in the National Championship, but that’s a different story.

Either way, if your team isn’t all that great, it doesn’t help to have an unintimidating mascot. It just gives the other team more ammunition to make fun of you really.

I’m not saying that changing your mascot automatically makes you a better team because the mascot isn’t going to win and lose your team games. But it matters enough to get your teams and fans excited to go out and fill the seats.

For the case here at Curry, now probably isn’t the time to change the mascot. Regardless of the timing, it will take a lot of money to change all the logos around the campus, including the turf that was just installed over the summer. It will take money to rebrand the advertisements and basically everything that has to do with the college.

I feel as though the transition would definitely benefit the school. Everything comes down to money which comes from advertising and I think it would be easier to advertise for a better mascot.

A better mascot from my definition is something intimidating. I was a Hawk in high school and we played the Black Knights, the Warriors and the Eagles among others. But there really wasn’t one that didn’t really fit in such as the Colonels in our conference.

I just don’t understand where the Colonel came from. If it was for the alliteration, then we could have been the Commodores, the Cavaliers, the Cougars, or the Coyotes the list can go on and on.

If it was due to some event that happened years and years ago that the general public doesn’t know any more, then there’s no reason to keep that mascot if it isn’t relevant to the area or the school anymore.

In the end, my biggest thing for changing would be the intimidation factor. Colonels aren’t scary. Bottom line. But the process of actually going through that change will be a tough one money wise and rebranding wise.

Ultimately, I feel like it will definitely draw more people to want to come here to be a Cougar instead of a Colonel. The more people that come here means more money coming in the door which a college will never want to pass up in a million years.

Jessica Mendoza: First Woman Broadcaster for Postseason MLB

Sports in general have been shading towards having more women involvement as women have assumed jobs in coaching, officiating and now in the broadcast booth.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it at all. There is no reason as to why the precedent has been upheld for so long that women haven’t been in the booth in a nationally televised postseason game.

Jessica Mendoza became the first woman to broadcast a postseason baseball game last Tuesday night as she was on the ESPN crew working the Astros Yankees Wild Card game.

She is more than qualified and is knowledgeable about the sport and this level of baseball as well. She played and was a very successful softball player winning both at the collegiate level and at the Olympic level.

She made her first broadcast for Baseball Tonight’s coverage of a game in August and later was on the team that covered Cubs’ pitcher Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter.

She had been covering the Women’s College World Series so the MLB postseason game was not her first go around in the broadcast booth with a high profile, high stakes kind of game.

If this had been her first broadcast with a headset on, I think it would be a different story. However, she has held the job for a little over a year now and there is no good reason to keep her out of the booth.

She will be the first of many to hold this position and it creates diversity and increases viewership as well. Little girls will be growing up watching sports with their parents and hearing women announce the game and that could create more interest for their career choice down the road. Her breaking ground can only increase interest and draw more people in to watching the game.

The numbers of new viewers she will draw in on her own greatly outnumber the thickheaded people who are driven away because of her. There is no good reason to not allow her to be a part of this industry and there’s no reason as to why it took this long, but this is a change that should be here to stay and I am completely on board with it.